CRIO - Container Transport and Loading system

Transport- and Loading system CRIO

The CRIO (Container Rail-Inn-Off) System is a transport and loading system for movable machines providing control and maintenance works in railway track systems. The system enables

  • a very flexible and direct transport to the working site,
  • a fast transfer to and from rail tracks and
  • an easy switchover to the next maintenance site.

The CRIO System is installed on transport vehicles having platforms with standardized ISO container dimensions. The components of the system can be installed on the transport vehicle by crane or forklift and are fixed by standardized locking elements (twist lock system).

The procedure of transfer to and from rails is effected by a hydraulic winch system passing over a folding unloading platform and only takes few minutes. The power supply for the operation of all components of the system is provided  by an integrated power generator set.

Both containers are equipped with foldable side panels which can be transformed into mobile working platforms facilitating the maintenance of the loaded machines or materials.