SHOCKFAST Rail Fastening SF-VR15

Rail Fastening SF-VR15

The SHOCKFAST rail fastening SF-VR15 is a special solution developed for the public transport, facilitating cost-effective fastening of flat bottom rails and grooved rails. By this rail fastening various airborne and structure-borne noise insulated versions of fastening can be realized.

The SHOCKFAST rail fastening SF-VR15 is providing the following economic advantages:

• Easy of installation
• Easy of maintenance
• Long-life cycle
• Wear reduction of the rail
• Excellent rates for absorption of shock and noise
• Excellent insulation features
• Can be used for any type of typical track systems


According to the structural and technological specifications, the SHOCKFAST rail fastening SF-VR15 can be adjusted to almost every type of track system by using special adapting supports. The SHOCKFAST rail fastening can be used not only for simple wooden sleepers but also for slab track and steel bridge constructions.

One of the product‘s most important advantages is the possibility to replace existing conventional fastenings by a new elastic fastening solution with simple tools and devices and without great complexity. According to the track system, existing bore holes of wooden sleepers can even be reused or renewed very easily.

According to local conditions all preparatory measures for any rail exchange can already be taken before the beginning of non operational hours duration. Within a non-operation-time of 2 hours, 60-80 m rail can be changed by only one crew of track workers. Because of common cost-intensive and time-consuming track works for rail exchange, the SHOCKFAST rail fastening SF-VR15 saves the time for preventing high track maintenance costs.