RRGM 0-16

Schienenschleifmaschine RRGM 0-16
RRGM 0-16

The rail grinder RRGM 0-16 is a rail-road going machine. The machine has 16 grinding spindles with independent angular adjustment. They are driven by frequency-controlled electrical 7,5 kW motors. The computer monitored grinding process is controlled with touch pad by the operator inside of the cabin. The rail grinder can be used for removing of rolling skin, the elimination of rail corrugations (grooves) and short waves on the rail head as well as for reprofiling of the rail head. The grinder RRGM 0-16 is efficient for working in the open and closed scopes of long rail sections for winning the transverse and longitudinal target profiles.

Insertion time on rail:    approx. 8 minutes
Discharging time of rail:  approx. 4 minutes

This machine is only available for service.