LRGM 1-6/ AM65 C

LRGM 1-6 / AM65 C

The LRGM 1-6/ AM65 C is a turnout grinding machine with a closed working platform (cabine) for the machining of the rail head. It composes except the grinding unit also a generator so that no power cables has to be installed along the working site.

The grinder can be easily railed in and out with a ramp of a rail vehicle or by crane. The turnout grinder has 6 grinding spindles with independent angular adjustment. The machine can be equipped with an integrated laser measurement system for the analysis of the transverse and longitudinal rail head profile.

The LRGM 1-6/ AM65 C turnout grinding machine can be used for removing of the rolling skin, the elimination of rail corrugations (grooves) and short waves on the rail head as well as for the re-profiling of the rail head. The grinder is efficient for grinding of turnouts, machining of railroad crossings, grinding of welding, machining of taper rail and for winning the transverse and longitudinal target profiles in short rail sections. The detection and operation of obstacles and restricted areas in turnouts and diamond crosses is effected automatically.

The performances of LRGM 1-6/ AM 65 C meet the quality requirements of DB Ril 824 und EN 13231.

Rail-in time:     approx. 10 minutes
Rail-out time:     approx. 5 minutes

LRGM 1-6 /AM65 C at Innotrans 2014