MIV 1-25 Maintenance Inspection Vehicle for Monorail

MIV 1-25

The Maintenance Inspection Vehicle MIV 1-25 is designed for use on monorail system for track inspection and maintenance work.

The Maintenance Inspection Vehicle is applicated for
• flexible and direct transport of maintenance
  personnel, equipment and tools to and from
  the guideway beam maintenance locations
• efficient inspection of guide beam and
   power rail fault
• recovery of failed trains to the depot
• maintenance of all network installations

The MIV provides a vertical support work platform and horizontal work decks equipped with lifting and jib devices. The electric power needed for operation is produced by a power generation set. In order to reduce exhaust gas emissions, especially during operation in tunnels and viaducts, the power generation set diesel engine has an exhaust gas cleaning system.

The MIV can be driven from two driver consoles for each driving direction. The movement data are displayed on the gauges on the control consoles. The Maintenance Inspection Vehicle provides a radio system that can be used in trains. An intercom system is also provided for communication between the driver cabins. VATC - vehicle automated train according with customer network is also provided.