Bulk transporter RRBT 1-22

RRBT 1-22

The bulk transporter RRBT 1-22 is a rail-road going transport unit. The well tried and from L&S further developed rail-road trailer truck has a loading capacity of 22 tonnes on roads as well as on rails.

The innovative transport system enables flexible and cost-effective transport of ballast, flint chips, sand and so on, with the unique option to yield the bulk material in a concerted and dosed manner on the track system. With this kind of unique unload system, the RRBT 1-22 can be used in areas with curtailed clearance gauge for instance in tunnels or contact line areas. The yield process of the building materials is automatically controlled and can be observed by video.

Insertion time on rail (rail-in):     approx. 8 minutes
Discharging time (rail-off):     approx. 4 minutes